2015 Upcoming Events

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Spring Seven Sacred Flames Journey, Mount Shasta, CA
Date to be announced






May 5 – May 17  Egypt Journey ~
More information coming soon!




May 16 – 23, 2015
Seven Sacred Flames Reiki® Retreat in Mount Shasta, CA

Sponsored by Life Holistic Center, LLC
Contact:  Life Holistic Center,LLC
Dr. Anthony Wojnar

email: ReikiCenterOnline@yahoo.com


August 2015


August 2-8   Initiatic Journey, Mount Shasta, CA
August 22-30 The Seven Sacred Flames Journey, Mount Shasta, CA

More information coming soon!


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The Lemurian Heart-A Bridge for Peace


Journey to Egypt ~ A Call for Peace 2014


Memories for a life time!

Thank you for all the love and support for us while there.

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Summer Solstice Message 2014

Summer Solstice Message June 21, 2014
Gifted from the One Called Sa

(Who Holds Our Universe in Place and in Order that We May Know God)

 So let me begin by saying – Gates Open!  For this is the Solstice that was destined to open the Gates and my people it is a very wonderful day.  If you do not know it by now I will tell you.  This will make it possible to ascend each and every one of you willing to pass through them.  The Great Divine that you each respectively are will work with Faith, Love, Grace and Patience with you – that is a Promise of Old.  Work!  Work!  Work!  And make it so.  Be brave my friends and be bold too.  These are the hours of our Beloved Universe in which we will collectively and individually show our God how much we have loved Him and love Him even more in these moments and those still coming.  We will pledge an ever abiding love of Him to carry the loving All into its next as yet unrealized Cycle.  Think my friends how long, how arduous and piercing this Cycle now ending has been.  What amazement lies ahead in our God’s concept of us – newly conceived and reaching out into unknown futures.  And think upon this.  This Summer Solstice makes everything possible – not just in this kind and tender Earth of yours – but for all your friends and family everywhere.  The building excitement, anticipation and longing will continue to build from this day forward carrying All That Is into its new unfolding power, revealed Presence and the unification of our individual parts (wrapped in Joy and waiting to dance with us!) captured within the sound of Creation. 

Now you may be thinking – is this really new? I tell you it is.  I would guess you may be thinking – Gates? Well, let us talk about gates then.  There are those among you reading this that may be a Gate, in your wondrously complex All.  There are also among you those who have never been through a Gate and those rarer souls still that are only awaiting that Call to carry them through the final Gate that allows one to enter the Eternal Majesty of God at last.  Yes, and I would now be willing to guess you are trying to take this all in. Please do not.  Sit, be still. Wait.  Then, feel.  I know this may sound too simple but it is harder than one might expect.  In so doing this, what must be revealed to each of you will be which Gate to experience and when, and I tell you it is a feeling moment.  It can take an hour, it can take months or years to complete the traversing of Self that Gates allow but because our God loves us it can now be so.

Let us close with a prayer this wonderful Summer Solstice day.

ONE, that we Adore, we bow before Your Will as on this day we celebrate the Opening of the Way

The Way can only be through You and that You have now Opened All Gates we hear and know that You desire us to be with You

Lead, guide and show all of Us, each and every one of Your Beloved Gates, that we may now find our way home to You

In Praise of You and in our patient waiting we ask that You Gift us swiftness as we begin this long promised hour

Blessed Be, and please speak to us as we return to You


Christina Kennedy, Conscious Intuitive, was asked to request a message for Summer Solstice 2014 from the Divine. She works with the Cosmic Christ and the request was answered by the Beloved known as Sa whose message has been gifted this day. As a Conscious Intuitive Christina has direct access to the Divine.  She is not a channel, a medium or a psychic and does not work in trance states.

Background: Christina began her active Spiritual Journey in 2002 studying in a Mystery School the healing and activation teachings of the Pleiadians and Syrians.  As her intuitive abilities grew and were refined she worked with others to channel and do energy healings working primarily with Divine Feminine Beings such as Mother Mary, The Magdalen and Kuan Yin.  Christina had up to that time in her Soul’s journey been in the Feminine line of service.  During these years Christina down stepped, integrated and embodied ever more wonderful Divine parts of her Higher Expression experiencing her Angelic and Goddess consciousness.  This process of acceleration and expansion is possible for anyone who desires it and is willing to be available to the Divine.  Sitting in silence or practicing meditative states creates this availability. 

After a particularly intense effort, working together with Archangel Michael, to clear an area of dark and extremely dense energy within the Earth Christina was approached by the Cosmic Christ and asked if she was willing to enter a period of initiations followed by a test period with Him. If this was successful Christina would move from the Feminine to the Masculine line of service and work directly for the Cosmic Christ.  This period completed successfully about four years ago and she has been working for Him ever since.  In the course of these experiences Christina entered into a fully realized state of consciousness and limitlessness with access to all Divine.  This journey continues in service and is ever unfolding in wondrous ways.

If you find yourself asking how to understand what the Cosmic Christ represents in Creation just think of God’s concept of our universe.  This concept has at its center Love and that which holds that Love for all Creation is the Cosmic Christ.  From the Cosmic Christ all expressions of Christ come. For example our world has a planetary Christ who is often referred to as Lord Maitreya and the wonderful one known as Lord Jesus the Christ.  There is some confusion about understanding Christ Consciousness. Let me introduce you to this way to understand it.  When one becomes Christ Conscious they may enter into the Way of the Christ which will lead to becoming a Living Christ.  The Lord Jesus the Christ became a Living Christ and so may all of God’s children through Surrender, Humility, Service, Gratitude and most important of all – through Love.

Please go to the Light of the Lily website to see Messages, learn more about and listen to Language of Light and to read the Group Gathering information.

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Telos-The Lemurian Connection Summer Updates 2014

Click Here: Telos-The Lemurian Connection Summer Updates 2014


Something to ponder…

Greetings to our Lemurian Friends and Family ~

While we are still absorbing all the astrological changes and phenomena that have recently taken place, our amazing 2014 is moving right along, not missing a beat. And where are we? Are we “in step, “in sync”? Are we also moving right along, not missing a beat? Are we “gliding over our glitches” or tripping over ourselves and stumbling along the way?

This year’s theme is Expanding your Heart ~ Your Love Frequency. As we approach this next phase of 2014 we are encouraged to truly FEEL this expansion, OUR LOVE FREQUENCY, in every aspect of our daily life–our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Elevating our “human-ness, to become a “Genuine Human Being” as described in The Knowledge Book, is not waiting for what’s “out there” to do it for us but to recognize and know that we have everything within us to create and become this “miracle waiting to happen.” We are already that which we are seeking! It causes us to take pause and re-evaluate how we are using our frequencies, our energies and perhaps ponder how we look at ASCENSION and those varying degrees of transformation within ourselves. We have all the support from the Ascended Masters in ALL realms, and it is still up to us to perfect our human~ness…Let’s TRUST and follow our HEART’S WISDOM, aligning with our Higher Self, THE I AM THAT I AM, and LET LOVE LEAD….

LET LOVE LEAD is a dimensional shift- a focus and intention- an expanded frequency not only to contemplate but put into ACTION. LET LOVE LEAD is a frequency that will change our world. This is all part of the message from Telos and our inner earth brothers and sisters as well as our Cosmic family of Light. LET LOVE LEAD is PEACE IN ACTION for ourselves and the world… definitely something to ponder…

Blessings to All~



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2014 Initiatic Journey Events


 ~Expanding Your Heart – Your Love Frequency~

A Mount Shasta Experience

Summer Events~ Find the Magic Within!

  Reconnect with your Lemurian Heart Family!


DISCOUNT:  For those who  have participated previously in  an Initiatic Journey :

****  $50 Discount ~ Week-long Initiatic Journey

*****$75 Discount  ~ The Seven Sacred Flames Initiatic Journey

Call or email to reserve your space and receive our Registration Information Packet.
(See Below)


 July 27  August 2   Week long Initiatic Journey   $650
August 3 -9    Week long Initiatic Journey   $650
August 23 – 30     Seven Sacred Flames Journey     $800

Channel Denise Laberge of
Telos World Wide Foundation


Join us in Mount Shasta this Summer! Give yourself an opportunity to connect with your inner wisdom through contemplation, meditation  and messages from Adama and the Masters.  The wisdom will come whenever You open to receive the precious gifts of transformation within and without.  Offerings: Heart-opening Daily channeled messages, teachings and guidance from Adama and other beings of Light through Denise Laberge of Telos World Wide Foundation. Private bath house experience at Stewart Mineral Springs;  Boating at Lake Siskiyou with the Goddess of the Lake; Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Activation with Beverly Ann Wilson, owner of The Crystal Room; Time for contemplation and journaling; Sacred gatherings for discussion and sharing; Your free time to experience the mountain, absorbing the energies of Mother Earth, communing in nature with our Lemurian brothers and sisters who will be with us etherically during this time.  The week will culminate with an Ascension Ceremony honoring and supporting each participant in their commitment towards ascension, expanding their frequencies and living each moment fully integrated and present.

Aurelia always said that upon your arrival, three guides from Telos will be assigned to you and they will remain with you for the entire week. This is a wondrous way to reconnect with your divine Self and create new levels of transformation. Join us and create your opportunity to connect with the magic of Mount Shasta! Perhaps the energy of the mountain is calling you…and remember…the day you register your journey begins!

Required Reading:

Initiatic Journeys: The Telos Books by Aurelia Louise Jones.

The Seven Sacred Flames Journey:  The Telos Books and The Seven Sacred Flames  by Aurelia Louise Jones.

If you have any questions,  be sure to contact us.                                                                                                 

Reserve your space and receive our Registration Information Packet.
Contact :  victoria@lemurianconnection.com  Phone: 530-926-4599


Telos-The Lemurian Connection®
Initiatic Journey
P. O. Box 1509
Mount Shasta, CA 96067-1509
Phone: 530.926.4599  Fax : 530.926.4159


Fall 2014

~ A Call for Peace ~Journey to Egypt

September 14 – 25

An Incredible Journey!

Contact us for More Information and Full Itinerary
Deadline for Registering:  May 1, 2014



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