The New Lemuria – by Adama

The New Lemuria – by Adama

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

There is a common belief among the surface population that Lemuria has been destroyed under the waves of the Pacific Ocean over 12,000 years ago, and that it no longer exists.

In a third dimensional perspective, this is entirely true. The thermo-nuclear blast that destroyed most of our continent along with almost 300 million of our people, created a most painful devastation to the physical surface of this planet and its inhabitants than any one of you could possibly imagine. It also created a tremendous shock to your Mother Earth. Almost overnight, in its final stage, the continent of Mu, our beloved Lemuria, who was considered by all the “Motherland”, the cradle of civilizations for this planet, had vanished. The rest of the world was utterly stunned, mourning the loss. The pain of the lost of the Motherland was so great, that even today of your time, most of the people on this planet are still carrying this pain and the trauma deep seated in their cellular memory.

The souls of those who perished at the time were the most devastated, and they are the ones who are still carrying the most pains and traumas in every part of their being to this day. Many of you on the surface who have formerly perished in the blast have completely closed yourselves to the memory of your glorious Lemurian ancestry because, for you, the ending was so tragic and so painful. Your pains and grief have been buried deep within your subconscious, waiting for the time it can surface again to be healed. The purpose of the transmission of this information is to assist all of you who will read these words to start consciously to heal those records, first within yourself, and also for the planet. For this, with great love and compassion, we offer you our assistance.

To all of you reading these words, let us say to you that Lemuria has never been totally destroyed as it has been perceived in your present timing. It still exists to this day in a fourth and fifth dimensional frequency, not yet visible to your third dimensional vision and perception. As the veil between those dimensions continues to become increasingly thinner, we want to assure you that in a not too distant future, your beloved Lemuria, in Her new Splendor and Glory, will reveal Herself to you in a very physical and tangible way. As you open yourself up to a higher conscious way of living and purify yourself of all distorted and erroneous belief systems you have embraced in the last millennia, you will be able to perceive your beloved Motherland, once again, and eventually be allowed to step in to be received by Her with all the Love and Splendor She has now to offer. You will be invited to, once again, join us very tangibly in this place of paradise. At the time of the blast, Lemuria and what it represented to this planet was lifted into a 4th dimensional frequency. It continued to thrive and evolve to the level of perfection and beauty it has now reached with those who were able to come along at the time.

If this information brings tears to your eyes and opens your heart to heal those pains that have been buried within you for so very long, let it flow, let it flow. Allow the flow of your tears to bring healing to every part of your being. Allow yourself to really feel it, and embrace it in the heart through the breath. Allow all remembrances and pains to be felt fully without suppressing any. This is how you will bring forth your healing, increment by increment. As you inhale it through the breath, your GodSelf will dissolve and heal those imprints forever. Ask your Higher Self to assist you to uncover those records that are holding you back from unfolding your new glorious reality. In your daily meditation, we ask you to do this work faithfully until you feel a completion. Connect with us and with our Love heart to heart. You may ask for our assistance, and we will be there with you as you do this most important inner work. Gradually, the deep-seated pains will be lifted and you will be much lighter. The clearing of this pain will also assist you in perceiving much more of who you really are. It will allow you to make giant leaps into your full spiritual resurrection.

Now with the assistance of 7 new major gateways opening in the year 2002 and at the beginning of 2003 to assist your planet in her ascension, this work will be made easier for all of you. As you ride the wave of ascension with us, the time of your sufferings and challenges will be much shortened. Your glorious future in the New Lemuria is now on the horizon for all of you who will consciously choose it.

This channel, Aurelia Louise was granted a while ago the opportunity of a quick, momentary glimpse of the New Lemuria. She was deeply touched and she knows with absolute certainty in her heart that what we are writing through her at this time is not simply a promise that remains in a distant future. She has seen some of it. She knows with every cell of her being that this manifestation could possibly become a reality within this decade for many of you or soon after. The ball is in your court!

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The Wake Up Call – by Adama

The Wake Up Call – by Adama

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

Greetings from Telos my Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

This is Adama. It is my pleasure to connect with you once again. Dear ones, many of you have various conceptions of the Photon Belt. Some of your conceptions represent a facet of the truth and others are not even close. Allow me at this time to give you another facet of it. And please remember that it is only another facet as there are many more. The Photon Belt is a subject that could fill several volumes. At this time, I want to discuss with you, one facet that is highly important for all of you personally.

There is much speculation on the surface as to what the photon belt is and when the Earth did enter or will enter this vortex. Know that the earth officially entered the Photon Belt around May, 1998. The Photon Belt is composed of 12 gigantic vortexes of intense Bands of Light. Each vortex will perform its own specific action on Earth and in our solar system, and the whole process will be very closely monitored to work in harmony and balance. It is a very safe process, and there is nothing to fear. One could say that the Light of the Photon Belt possesses the high and refined frequencies and qualities of the Ascension Flame, along with many other attributes. This does not mean that the earth did not experience its influence prior to May 1998. It did for many years.

Waves of Light from the Photon Belt were released on earth at various intervals, each year for many years past, particularly at the time of the Equinox and Solstice. Each year, the Light was released in a greater and greater intensity and frequency. You needed to be acclimatized, dear ones, for the greater Light that is to come. Nevertheless, since May 1998, when the earth officially entered into the 1st vortex, there is no turning back. Within the next twelve years, the earth will be going through each one of the twelve vortexes of that Light with the intensity that is required for Her purification and preparation for Her ascension process into the 5th dimension.

Since then, the various frequencies and intensity of the Light from the Photon Belt are no longer released at intervals. They are now bombarding the earth much more intensively and constantly. There are a lot of adjustments to be made in this vortex before we can move to the next one. All of humanity, in one form or the other, is feeling the effects of the new energy of this deep cleansing. Every person on Earth is going to have to do whatever it takes to adjust their consciousness and make the necessary changes within themselves to be able to move with and be transformed by that Light.

I am repeating it again. There is no turning back at this point. You are going to have to decide for yourself now if you want to ride the ascension wave with the planet, be transformed into the new species of humans that will emerge from this transformation, gain your immortality and ascend into the consciousness of the New Earth on the 5th dimensional level, or be crushed by the wave and stay on the 3rd dimension for another round of incarnations. The choice is entirely yours. The opportunity is for all.

Those who resist that Light and the many changes It will bring, will not be able to make it through the twelve vortexes. We know that many will choose at soul level and/or at the conscious level to leave or vacate their physical bodies rather than let go of their fears, preconceived ideologies and personal agendas that are not serving the greatest good of all rather than lovingly allow themselves to go through the necessary steps of this transformation. There are also those who would be ready to come along for the ride, but because of their age, will be choosing to make the transformation from the “other side” of the veil. For those precious ones, this option is totally acceptable, and we ask you not to worry for those loved ones and allow them that choice.

Many of you are already feeling and noticing in your physical and your emotional bodies the effects that are taking place at the cellular and genetic levels. Many of you are experiencing new, unpleasant physical symptoms you never had before, such as, headaches, heart pains, palpitations, chronic fatigue, dizziness, nausea, changing sleep patterns, ringing in the ears, blurring of the vision, and many more. You are also noticing changes in your emotional state. Your bodies are evolving and cleansing themselves. All outmoded, worn-out negative emotions and ways of thinking and perceiving things are coming to the surface to be examined, purified and transformed. Many of you are emotionally confused, and many of you feel you are “sick”. I tell you, this is only temporary. Just hang in there and remain into the frequency of “Love” for yourself and others. It will come to pass.

NOW is the time for you to let go of ALL your fears and negative patterns because you simply cannot take them with you.

Where we are going, there will be only Love, dear ones. There will be no room for fears or negativity of any kind. What will you do at the entrance of the portal of the 5th dimension if you still have your baggage of fears and negativity with you? The vibrations of fears and other negative patterns simply cannot be admitted into the 5th dimension. Will you choose to stay behind on the 3rd dimensional level for another round of incarnations just because you have held onto them? Do you want to carry them with you all the way through the 12 vortexes to the portal only to be told that your baggage of negativity cannot come along with you? Or do you want to start working on getting rid of it now, and free yourself from this limiting burden while there is still a bit of time left?

The transformation of the human race on Earth was begun very gently about 30 years ago. It intensified more around 1987, then more again around 1994. Since Wesak 1998, these energies are creating a greater intensity of mutation in the four body systems of all humanity. This Great Cosmic Light of the Photon Belt is now upon all of us. Want it or not, none can avoid it. According to your free-will choices, you can use it for your spiritual expansion, physical transformation and resurrection and go along with our precious Mother Earth’s ascension. The Earth and humanity are ascending together “as a big family”. We in Telos, will also be ascending with the planet. We cannot promise that the process will be totally comfortable all the way for everyone. For each one, there will be many adjustments to be made. You will be transformed into the new species of immortal, unlimited humans that will inhabit the New Earth, a place of Divine Love, Unlimited Abundance, Beauty and Eternal Peace.

You are either coming along or staying behind. You simply cannot at this time choose to stay in between two worlds.

The New Earth will manifest a glory and perfection beyond your wildest dreams. The Earth Mother is already engaged in this process. Sure, you may choose to come a few incarnations later, and you will all get there eventually. I am talking about coming NOW, not in a few hundred years from now, but at the end of this earth cycle which is finishing around 2012! What is your choice?

Most people would say they want to come now. And I say to you, “Are you willing to prepare and do whatever it takes to make it through the transition?” It is not totally a, “free ride,” you know. Although you are given at this time unprecedented assistance from the higher realms, you have to do your part if you choose to come along. If you select to stay behind, it will be honored, and you will be incarnating again in a place that will match your level of awareness. There is no judgment on your decision. God has given you “free will” on this planet, and it will not be taken back from you. What are your options? The 3rd and 4th dimensions are scheduled to eventually be folding up on this earth. If you choose to stay in the illusion of the so called “familiar zone” of the old paradigm of the 3rd dimension, you will not immortalize your body. This means that sooner or later you will vacate your body and incarnate again in another 3rd dimensional planet similar to this one and continue to enjoy your fears, your violence, your control, manipulations, your wars, your limitations, your addictions and all the negativity you are not wanting to give up now.

I am saying this to you because of my love for you and the great love that God has for you. I am not trying to scare you in any way. I am trying to reason with you in the hope of helping you awaken from your lethargy, your spiritual slumber, and to the illusions of your old outmoded momentums. For all those reading this message, know that it is the desire of the spiritual hierarchy of this planet for all to be able to make an “informed” choice. We are hoping with all our heart that you will choose to come along because we are a big family, and everyone is loved very dearly

Dear ones, you have heard of the “Place Prepared” that your scriptures talk about. Well this very special place is no other than the 5th dimensional consciousness. Our deep concern is that we are seeing at this time, so close to the millenium, too many of the precious people on earth that could easily make it to the portal of the 5th dimension and be accepted, still living their lives on an “automatic pilot” type of consciousness not wanting to take responsibility for creating their future reality, not wanting to hear about any changes, or having to face taking a serious look at their lives to see where they are heading. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of my next few words.

The time to live on “automatic pilot” is over. Humanity has lived this way for thousands upon thousands of years, and it has caused you all untold sufferings, sorrows, poverty, sickness and all the social and economic problems that have been facing humanity for those thousands of years. The time of your deliverance is upon you now. You, as a soul evolving on Earth, can be “liberated” only if you consciously choose to do so, and make it the most important priority in your life.

It will not happen by continuing to live on an “automatic pilot” consciousness. It will happen for you ONLY IF YOU EMBRACE NOW THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS AND START THINKING AND ACTING WITH YOUR CHRIST MIND AND CHRIST LOVE.

No matter how much help you are getting from above, no one can do it all for you. You will have to allow the desire to be ignited within your heart to evolve your consciousness to the level of where you want to go.

I AM Adama, ascended master and the high priest of Telos. My brothers and sisters of Telos are joining me to send each one of you our love, our friendship and support. We are conscious of the difficulties you are facing and also aware of the wonderful progress so many of you are making; know that you are making a difference. We send you our Light and Love.

Copyrighted © Aurelia Louise Jones

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Message from Beloved El Morya and Adama

Message from Beloved El Morya and Adama

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

The Consciousness that Functions on “Automatic Pilot” is NOT Heading to the Ascension Door.

Greetings Beloved Ones on the eve of your last Valentine’s Day in this millenium. From our abodes within Mt. Shasta, Adama and myself, El Morya, wish to bring you a message of Love. Our message is also another wake-up call, dear ones. Time is getting very short.

In his last message, Adama mentioned a certain state of consciousness or attitude where so many precious souls of Earth allow themselves to live their lives on “automatic pilot”, a state of spiritual slumber, where the personalities are not wanting to consciously create their future reality and live their lives with “determined intentions” to follow the nudging of their souls.

Because we love you so very much, it is our great desire to greet all of you at the portal of the 5th dimension around the year 2012. As we open wide the portal for your entrance and lay the golden carpet for your coming, it will be our delight to bid you welcome to the realms of Light and Love. What a wondrous and joyous day this will be for Us and for those of humanity who will make it to this Door! What a happy reunion it will be for all! A great reception is being prepared. There will be the shedding of many tears on that great day; but this time, dear ones, they will be tears of pure joy and ecstasy.

Can you imagine, just think for a moment, the joy you will experience when you will meet once again, consciously, in your immortalized body, face to face with your loved ones who have departed from Earth during your life time. There will be those you have loved dearly in your present life, and also those whom you may not remember at this time, but who are souls you have also been close to and loved just as dearly in past lives, that you have known for millennia, such as your eternal friends and other members of your soul family who love you so profoundly.

As we transmit this information, we already feel the joy and excitement this wondrous day will bring. Your loved ones are waiting to embrace you once again with much expectation. They will all be there near the Door, robed in garments of Light and Glory, waiting to receive you in their arms as you enter in.

As our channel, Aurelia Louise receives these words from us, tears are rolling down her cheeks from the thought of joining again in a few short years with the souls of Light who were her parents in this present life, and other members of her family who made their transition to the “other side” during her childhood. As she writes and wipes her tears, they are also present here with Us watching and sending their love, very much looking forward to the day of the Great Reunion.

It will be so wondrous that the whole Cosmos will be watching. I repeat myself again, it is the greatest desire of the spiritual hierarchy of this planet and your Father/Mother God to see all of you make it to this sacred portal as you qualify for its entry.

Beloved ones, out of our great love for you, we of the spiritual hierarchy, wish to remind you once again that there is a “code of entry” that is required for entrance into the 5th dimension. There may be a lot of jokes in your world about “Peter” standing at the gate of heaven and deciding who will or will not be allowed entrance into the Kingdom. Well, my friends, this joke on earth is not so much of a joke here. There is more truth to this than any of you may conceive at this time.

I say this because there is a gate or a portal one must qualify for admission. I, El Morya, was embodied as the disciple Peter in the time of Jesus. Now I have become the Chohan and the Guardian of the first ray of the Will of God for the people of Earth. This means that I AM also the guardian of that portal.

The will of God, dear ones, is the first portal one must enter in order to progress in the right direction on the spiritual path. Unless you are willing to surrender your human ego and human personalities to the Will of God, to be refined and transformed into the Divine, there is nowhere else for you to go on a true spiritual path. This is the first portal and know there are six others that you must qualify for before you can reach the door of the 5th dimension for your planetary ascension.

To make it through this first portal, you have to take my classes at night on the Inner Planes (while your body sleeps) or take classes from my co-workers of the Will of God who have volunteered to assist me at this time. You have to pass my tests in your waking time before you can move on to the next portal. Many of you reading this message have already moved through this first portal in this life or in the past and some of you have made it through other portals as well. We deplore the fact that there is still a large percentage of humanity who are living their lives on “automatic pilot”. They have no idea where they are going, why they are here incarnated on earth, nor do they want to hear about it. They live their life from day to day, with no conscious direction, their minds and hearts scattered to the four winds, following a path of least resistance and spiritual slumber.

On the threshold of such a magnificent occurrence, an event that humanity has been waiting and longing for for hundreds of thousands of years, there are still so many of the precious souls of humanity who have never yet presented themselves for counsel at the entrance of the portal of which I am in charge. Myself and co-worker Adama, the high priest of Telos are joining together to see if we can give you one more “wake up” call. Time is getting so short now that if you have not yet made it to the portal of the “Will of God”, we want to let you know that it is still possible for you to catch up and make it through all the other portals “on time” if you choose now to do so.

You have no more time to waste. You must wake-up now and start very diligently applying spiritual laws in all aspects of your life, living by the concepts of Love in all aspects of your life, letting go of all your fears and preconceived ideas about God, and be willing to embrace Truth, the truth that you have been avoiding looking at. Become the God that you are, right now, by becoming Love in action in all you think, say and do. Love is the only shortcut you can take in your ascension process and the greatest key; love of Self, love of God and love for all the family of earth, all kingdoms of earth, including the animal kingdom. Love and honor All that breathe the Life of the Creator. Love unconditionally without any judgment. Let go of duality and embrace the way of harmlessness. With enough Love in your heart, you can make it through all the portals to the ascension door ….on time. Be assured it will not happen for those who continue to live their lives on “automatic pilot”.

All who will make it to the ascension door will have to pass the tests of the seven initiations required to possess the codes of entry to qualify for planetary ascension. Each one of those seven initiations has seven levels of testing. It used to take several life times of diligent application of spiritual laws to be able to make it through a few or all of those initiations. At this very unique time of earth history, there is an unprecedented dispensation by which each soul, with serious and diligent application, can make it in a few years. I, El Morya, shall be there, as the “Peter” that you are familiar with, along with the rest of the spiritual hierarchy of this planet and your loved ones to welcome every one of you “Back Home”. I AM your Eternal Friend, El Morya.

Adama now Speaks

We in Telos live in the consciousness of the ascended state of the 5th dimension, although we live in 3rd dimensional bodies like you. Our DNA is more evolved than yours has been in the last few thousand years, and we live in a frequency that is much higher than yours, which is the frequency of Love. Because we live such long lives, a very high percentage of the people in Telos have gone through the ascension process at soul level, and choose to remain in physical bodies that portray the highest expressions of a 3rd dimensional life. We do not have the same physical limitations that you have been living with. Our bodies are strong and healthy, and we do not know disease. Most of us can teleport anywhere we want at will, and manifest whatever we want, whenever we want it. We also have conscious access to the Universal Mind, a gift that has been long lost on the surface of this planet. Actually, we live the kind of physical reality you are all dreaming about and longing to experience.

We are looking forward to the day that we can come out and teach you our way of life so that you also can live a life of wonders, love, peace and prosperity as we do. We are yearning to share with you all our little secrets that will make life so wondrous and so much easier for you! We ask you to be open to receive us.

I, Adama, have been working very closely with El Morya on the Inner Planes at this time teaching classes at night to the souls who are desirous of having a better understanding of the Will of God and wishing to come along through the seven portals leading to the ascension door of the 5th dimension.

There are more and more souls coming to the Ashram of the Will of God at night in Mt. Shasta to attend our classes. Because of this great influx of souls, I and several other Masters have offered to assist our dear friend El Morya in this tutoring. Because El Morya’s classes are getting so big, we are helping Him by holding many of the classes in Telos. It is my pleasure to invite you personally to come to our classes at night while your body sleeps. If you are willing and ready, you may take our especially designed crash course called: “Ascension by 2012”. There are many of us here who are available and willing to give you all the assistance you will need. There are enough of us to give private tutoring for those needing it. It is all done out of Love, and there is no fee for our services. All you have to do to get to our classes is to make the prayer to your guardian angel at night before falling asleep, and state your intent and request for your soul to be taken to our classes and your guardian angel will bring you here on the “Inner Planes”. We will not turn back anyone who is knocking at our doors “seeking”.

There are also many spiritual books that are available that would be helpful for you to get acquainted with in your day time. In fact, many of these books contain much of the information you are getting on the Inner Planes at night. By getting the information consciously on the physical plane as well will speed up your understanding and progress.

The sooner you “remember” your true identity in God and apply yourself consciously and diligently to “Be” the God that you already are, the sooner you will have your “Immortal Freedom”. Love, Love and Love. When you are “in Love” and generate enough Love around you and within you to dissolve all the negativity of your creation, you too will be an ascended being. In Telos, we hold our hands out to you, offering our assistance. Will you take our hands and allow us to lead you and guide you? From Love we come, From Love we live, From Love we ascend, We are all One, we your Telosian brothers and sisters. Namaste Adama.

Copyrighted © Aurelia Louise Jones

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As Earth Beings, We Are One Big Family – by Adama

As Earth Beings, We Are One Big Family – by Adama

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

Greetings, my dear brothers and sisters of earth’s surface! For those who do not yet know me by name, I Am Adama, the High Priest of Telos, the subterranean city under Mt. Shasta, where one and a half million of us, Lemurians, are residing. It is my great pleasure to communicate with you at this time to remind you of our love for all of you and to give you a little update on our emergence plan.

In Telos, we are noticing with much delight the rapid changes that are occurring within the spiritual grids of our planet. We are also perceiving the amazing awakening that is taking place within the consciousness of humanity. Dear ones, as much as you may not yet see the full picture of this wondrous progress from where you stand, we in Telos have the necessary technology to be able to, not only see this progress, but to make daily graphs of it on our amino acid computers. We can chart the progress made by mankind day by day in any area of your surface. Each day we notice more people awakening to their divine purposes and mission. The very fact that there are so many of humanity that are now awakening to a better understanding of their Divine Nature, we also know this awakening is no longer reversible and your victory is assured. It is only a question of how many Earth years it will take to reach critical mass. Dear ones, we can honestly tell you that it is happening even faster than ever expected by the spiritual hierarchy.

In Telos and all your brothers and sisters of the “Earth Within”, which is a very vast empire of many civilizations, are watching this expansion of consciousness with great joy and anticipation. We are supporting you with our Love and our Light. We are almost like children who are counting the number of days before Christmas; the “Christmas” of our “Uniting” in Love and Brotherhood as one big Earth family. We are watching with delight and wonder the awakening taking place each day, and we know that the time uniting for our two civilizations is finally becoming very close after so many years and centuries of physical separation. When the time of our emergence to the surface comes, it will be a time of love and great rejoicing for the many, particularly for those who are consciously aware of our presence within the Earth and have such a yearning in their hearts to greet us in their homes and finally talk to us face-to-face. The wonders of our “Great Encounter” will be even greater than the magic that Christmas holds for so many of you. Know that we long to be with you physically as much as you long to be with us. Because we are family, it is a mutual desire.

We are also watching the Lightworkers, who have embodied at this time, accomplishing this wondrous mission, leading the way of this grand awakening. You are like brave warriors of Light and we are holding you so preciously in our hearts. It is with gratitude and profound love that we salute and honor you. .

The time of our emergence is no longer in the far-away, distant future. It is almost at hand, dear ones. We are no longer looking at decades but just a few short years at the most. Unfortunately, we cannot give you dates, as we are not the ones who are deciding the exact time or date of our emergence. We will come when the spiritual awakening has reached critical mass, not sooner. Shortly we will be granted permission to, once again, start mixing with a limited number of surface people. This exchange will begin to open the pathways for our eventual emergence to the surface, joining both civilizations as One Big Family of the Children of the Mother.

We are beings of love, we live a path of love and we want you to know that we have much love for all of you. When we come, we will be able to teach you a way of life that will help you establish very quickly the foundations for a permanent golden age of enlightenment, love, peace, beauty and prosperity for all on this planet. We will assist you in ushering this golden age that you have been longing for so very long. Just prepare by loving each other more, by seeing each other more like brothers and sisters. In your mind and heart, begin to be receptive to allow us to become your guides and mentors, and I can make you the promise that you shall never regret it.

For the last 12,000 years that we have been living underground, we have established a foundation based on the consciousness of love and true Brotherhood in the subterranean cities, and in Telos. Over these thousands of years, we have been refining the structures of our societies to more and more be in resonance with Divine Principles in every aspect of our lives. Beloved ones, we have witnessed your pains and struggles long enough. It is with much gladness and expectation that we are waiting to come out and show you the way to manifest this reality in your world, so that never again, will there ever be any more suffering on this planet for humanity or for any of the other kingdoms evolving here.

It will not take 12,000 years to accomplish this with our help. We already know how. The melting of our energies through the magic of “Love” can and will bring these wonderful changes for you. Be willing to open your hearts to us and trust that we are not only your friends, but your brothers and sisters of long ago. At soul level, we all know each other very well. We were all family at one time on the continent of Lemuria and it has not changed.

We send you much love from Telos. Love is in great abundance here. We have no problem generating it, and it allows us to live in great opulence. We hold you dearly in our hearts. Until we meet, keep practicing the art of true love which starts with loving yourself. May you all love each other and all of creation as precious jewels and expressions of the Love of the Father.


Copyrighted by Aurelia Louise Jones

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Message from the Children of Telos #1- by Collective of Children

Message from the Children of Telos #1- by Collective of Children

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

We are the children of the storm; we are the children of the fire. We are the children of the rain. We meet you in your dreams and want you to know that we love you. We like to sing to you of times to come and of times remembered, when we will be once again united as one. The soul never repeats, it only remembers; and then sets out again to create a song for all of us to remember. We want you to know your song and the elements of who you are as we journey now, across time and space, in all of the colors of the rainbow, to join you. We sit at your feet as you guide us; we stroke your heads with love and comfort as we guide you. We are the children of all nations on Earth. We are the children of all races and many planets. We are the children of galaxies still to be born, and those long forgotten.

We send our message of peace and understanding through every flower that greets you, and every bird song along your path. We stand arm in arm with the divine host and gather our message into one loving, glowing stream that reaches out like a crystal fog to touch each heart; each vision of tomorrow. We broadcast a vibrating, sparkling energy of forgiveness, and unconditional acceptance for all beings of the Earth. As your heart and your inner knowingness pick up the frequency of this broadcast, we ask only that you listen, that you feel the pulse of our energies in your soul.

When we speak, we speak with your voices as well. And when we sing, you hear words long forgotten that you once sang. You feel our melodies caress your soul that once we sang together, and you begin to create new melodies from the old. We all sing together as a choir in a harmony which has never before been experienced. As we sing and create these new songs, the whales, the solar wind, and the legions of angels join us. And as we sing again, with voices that grow stronger with each passing day, all beings rise up in celebration of this new vibration as it encircles the planet. We celebrate with a joy that has long been lost, but today is reborn in each one of you.

Some may ask how long it will be before the planet quiets, before the battling and anger are replaced with brotherhood and shared service. And we tell you that each day, that time draws closer; for in truth it is already here. What you conceive, what you pray for has already happened in the time of your choosing. We wander through what seems like bleak times and yet they are in fact the brightest. For the song has started anew, and once begun cannot be stopped. The family and friends from Inner Earth and distant stars, that you hunger to rejoin, are already singing with you. It is just for you to recognize again the frequency.

Listen for the tones that we send you. You will hear them with your ears and think them to be your imagination or the product of mechanics. But they are not; we are contacting you in our soul. We are reorienting you to recognize this frequency in your everyday world. You may hear a ringing or a chime. You may hear harps or a background of soft voices. You may hear a buzz or a simple tone. These sounds may last an instant or go on much longer. Know that it is the children reaching out to you. Playing back to you the song that we are all singing, training your ears and your human minds, to once again recognize and communicate this vibration.

When you are in bed at night, and the world of man-made objects around you is quiet, reach out with your hearing and your heart. Call to us with your intention and we will answer. Listen for the song that is beckoning us all home to a wonderful gathering of loved ones. You will hear it clearly then. And soon, the sound will become familiar and a part of your waking hours as well.

Sing with us and sing to us. Sing about us as we sing about you. Our love for you knows no boundaries, and our hearts play with yours always.

We love you.

PS. Please take note that this message from the Children of Telos, as a collective, is not necessarily given by young children, as we perceive children here on the surface. In Telos, beings are considered in a way still “children” at the age of 200 years of age. When beings are less than 200 to 300 years of age, in a way, they are children comparing to the elders who can be anywhere between 10,000 to 30,000 years in the same body.

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Message from the Children of Telos #2- by Celestia – Angelina – Luriel

Message from the Children of Telos #2- by Celestia – Angelina – Luriel

Channeled through Aurelia Louise Jones

Greetings from Telos; I am Celestia. Today, we have a class going on with the younger children, as well as with some of the older children, which would like to answer many of the questions you have. For this occasion, I have invited a group of children to address you. No need to say, they are very excited with this opportunity. Our children spend much time studying the surface situation, as they too are very eager to understand and communicate with your children there.

The first thing the children would like me to communicate to you, and most particularly to the children of the surface, is that they are in many ways envious of the experiences that are taking place there; although envy, as such, is not truly an emotion that we focus on here in Telos. The children of the surface have been given a most exciting adventure during their incarnation. They have chosen to incarnate at a time when there are extraordinary changes taking place on Earth, a time when everyone’s energies are so important to these changes. We are all living in a time when transformation is not just a wish or a goal, but rather a growing reality. Each individual living on the surface during this time, who is incarnated in a third, and soon to become a fourth and fifth dimensional physical body, is an explorer who is discovering new worlds and new ways of being.

You, the children of Earth, have gathered together for this life, in many languages and locales, to create a group project, shall we say, or a group mural of energies that are pure and distinct from the current energies of the surface. You have gathered together to share in a great celebration of creativity, and each of you has brought new and wonderful gifts to this gathering. Each of you carries a precious piece of the vision that this planet will soon experience. You have come here to create the bridge between the old and the new world.

In truth, the change has already taken place on many levels and in many dimensions. Now, it is only for everyone on the surface to begin experiencing the awareness of these changes, and of the choices that all have made to bring these new energies into reality. Each of you incarnated at this time possess the knowingness of this new reality. It has not been with the spirit of sacrifice that you have incarnated on the surface at this time and in this space. Your heart is grateful and joyous about the transformation that you are becoming part of.

Many of you have trained for this adventure here in the schools and classes of Telos. With us, you have studied the cultures and energy patterns of the surface world. You have communicated with beings on the surface who have been living there for many years, as advance scouts, shall we say, preparing and holding the space for this grand adventure of yours. You have sampled and canvassed the soul imprints of many family groups before deciding where and to what family you would incarnate into. Many of you who have incarnated on the surface communicate regularly with your study groups here in Telos, for it is indeed an ongoing group effort between the surface and the Inner Earth communities and children.

You regularly send back reports of your activities on the surface, and most importantly your reactions and emotions within the intensity of a third dimensional incarnation. You send us, both mental accountings and visual images, as well as the understandings that you have gained from working within the denser energies of the surface. This information is of great importance to the children here in Telos. They are interested to know not only how your adventure is progressing, but also how they can best assist you to bring about the transformations that you intend to accomplish on the surface.


Luriel is one of the elder boys in the current class that is addressing you now. He has a message to share at this time.

Warm greetings from your brothers and sisters, from playmates and classmates of Telos! We are almost beside ourselves with the excitement and joy of communicating with you directly. Apart from you, though we may appear, we are actually right beside you during much of your adventures on the surface. We follow most avidly the work being done with the Psychic Children, as they have been termed by your elders. These are our friends who are bringing much awareness to people of all ages on the surface. These children are in fact very old souls who are in absolute delight over this opportunity to share their knowingness and awareness with the planet, and do so in the guise of a child, without the responsibilities and burdens that seem to plague so many of the adults on the surface.

They are able to carry out their mission as play, and this is a most wonderful example for all on the surface. They are doing their best to be living out the truth that we live here in Telos, that all work is play, and all knowingness comes from the innocence of experience, not the hardship. Joy is a truly innocent experience, and your psychic children are here to model this for you.

All children incarnating now on the surface carry and exist in an enhanced vibration. Their DNA has been upgraded, shall we say, to allow for higher levels of communication and awareness to take place. They have not entered this incarnation separated from their understanding of who they are, and why they are on the surface at this time.

They have been given many names, from Indigo, to Psychic, to Crystal, Violet souls and a few more. In truth, these names refer to the class that they are entering with. Just as on the surface you all enter into school as part of a future graduating class, such as the class of 2004, each of these children is part of a class that was entered into prior to incarnation. Each class was given a different assignment on the surface, and each assignment carries a different vibration. All classes, all assignments and all vibrations are part of the same school, however, just as we are in Telos part of this same school.

All classes are connected via a grid. This is in part the grid that you have heard so much about from the Psychic children who use it to communicate with each other. But the entire grid is much greater than all of its individual parts and forms a communication system for the entire universe. This grid is a creation of the energies of the Divine Plan, and is entered into through the energies of the heart. It connects all beings in the Universe, much as your Internet does on the surface. The Internet is in fact a third dimensional representation of this grid, although its true function and usage has yet to be truly discovered and utilized. This also will eventually transform as the consciousness on the surface transforms.

Some of the Psychic children did spent time in Telos or other Lemurian-energy cities. Others come from other soul and planetary groups. But they are all here to foster fun, community, and joy. Approximately a third of the children who live in the environs of Mt. Shasta have been sent from our own ranks here in Telos. We have sent many children as well to other cities and families around the planet. We could in effect call this a student exchange or study travel experience, as you do in some of your schools. Here we view it as an incredible opportunity to practice all that we have been taught, and to experience an extraordinary adventure that far exceeds anything we could imagine.

Many of us have been called to the Emissary ranks, as we call it, in our schooling here in Telos. I am one of these. We are Ambassadors of fifth dimensional energies who travel extensively to generate and hold this loving vibration, so that the citizens of the surface can experience, and as we are taught, and acclimate themselves to this vibration. We do so on assignments that range from days to years (in your surface timeframe). We also do so in groups or individually, but we always report back all information, observations, experiences, and understandings to the entire class. The class itself then presents all that they receive to the citizens of Telos and the High Council. We too are a part of the ongoing work of Telos.

Students on the surface are set apart from society as a rule. You study for many years and then you make a leap into society upon graduation. Students in Telos are always made part of society, and contribute a particular and special energy in all of the discussions and decisions that govern our world.

Some of the younger children wish me to send their love to you and ask that I vision to you an image that they all carry with them in a special place in their hearts. This vision is of a great cavern that sits inside the mountain. It is so enormous by surface standards that you cannot see the sides or the top of it, so it does not seem as if you are inside, but rather out on the surface. There are many special places to travel to in this cavern, but the one that the children wish to take you to now is on the shore of a very great lake. All around are hills and dales from which water falls in glorious colors, and then travels into the lake. The rainbows formed in these falls continue into the waters of the lake and create small glowing waves of color that wash onto and decorate the multicolored sand on which the class sits.

All of the children of the class are present for a picnic, and they invite you to join them. The picnic is for study and play because they want you to see how it is all the same. The younger students are themselves teaching the lessons of today, and the teachers and elders are all sitting among the students to also enjoy the class. Each lesson is taught in the form of a story or a song that each student has created.

They invite you to listen to these stories and songs, and then create one of your own to share with the class. They ask that the lesson you create be one about the surface, from your present incarnation on the surface. Although they monitor all that happens above ground, your impressions are unique. They wish to learn, to grow and to experience directly from you the wonders of the adventure that you are presently having on the surface.

You may visit us at our picnic whenever you wish, for all will gather when we hear your call. In the multi-dimensionality that we exist in here in Telos, we can gather in many places at once, in many aspects at once, to enjoy your stories and songs, even if engaged in other activities when you call. We bless you and look forward to be playing with you in Telos whenever you wish to visit. And soon, we will all play together on the surface, when the consciousness raises enough to allow us to come out. But for now, we invite you to engage to play with the children around you, for they are also us as well. Warm blessings.


One of our teachers, Angelina, a healing master and elder in Telos, would like to address a question asked regarding the hyperactivity of children on the surface.

I am Angelina, and I wish today to speak to both the children and the adults on the surface regarding the hyperactivity and the use of certain drugs which is widely used to control, or to seek to control this hyperactivity, which is little understood by your so called authorities on the surface. Much of this hyperactivity demonstrated in this present-day generation of children is in fact their reaction to the overwhelming hyperactivity of the unhealthy environment in which they are living in. By the synthetic way you are creating life on this planet, your precious children are forced to be experiencing a constant an abnormal “over stimulation” of their pituitary and pineal glands, as well as all their physical senses.

Much has been spoken about diet and interaction with your medias of television, music and movies, and these are also serious concerns. The constant bombardment of the senses, by wave forms that are entering your energetic bodies, as well as physical bodies, from the microwave technologies that your television set, cell phones, and microwave ovens produce, disrupts the important ongoing transformation of structure that all of these children have come here to manifest. In your major cities, the disruption is so great that it is a wonder that children and adults can function at all. Ongoing, each day brings a new invasion of your basic energy structure created by man-made energies that do not work very well with the Divine Flow as such, but seek only to invade and overwhelm, by their nature, the very energy foundation all around you. These devices and technology is not dark in nature, but the use or misuse of it has created much of the darkness and distorted energy patterns that currently surrounds, you and your children, just by interfering with your intrinsic energetic patterns.

It is very important that you take responsibility to provide as clean an environment as possible for your children to live in, and especially to sleep in. Bedrooms filled with televisions, VCRs, CD systems, cell or electronic phones, electronic clocks, and other such items “are to be avoided”. Children must be given a balanced and clean environment in which to sleep, regenerate, and be nurtured from each evening. The level of toxicity in which they presently live in general, and which their bodies are subjected to in your foods, your building materials, your environment, and elsewhere, must be addressed and corrected as it is not conductive for them to mature and evolved in the manner that is needed for them to accomplish the goals they came here to manifest.

The build-up of heavy metals in your children’s systems is also a major contributor to hyperactivity, as well as other nervous and systemic conditions. Water, clean water is a daily necessity for these children, as well as for everyone else. In general, the liquids you and your precious children ingest through your mouth daily are harmful to your body and soul and the build-up gradually increases each passing day. You must work to clean up your water supplies and remove the toxic chemicals such as fluoride from your drinking waters. Those of you who live in cities must filter your water before drinking, and use products in your bathing that also filter toxic chemicals. There are many natural and effective products currently available to you that will reduce levels of toxicity and you must acquire those, rather than the culturally fashionable ones, and use them daily to ensure that every member of your family has a vital life force and a balanced system. You must reduce or eliminate completely the amount of soda pops, artificial drinks, coffee, alcoholic beverages and other toxic substances that you have become so accustomed to ingesting as part of your daily diet. Pure water still remains your main source of liquid that will assist in balancing the body back to its natural and healthy state.

In each instance, for each individual child, the solution is not to “medicate them”, but to correct the imbalances created in their bodies by their environment. What is needed to achieve this balance is different for each child. In any healing crisis, each individual has a set of characteristics that requires a unique set of healing tools. The process of healing should be entered into with joint intents by parents and children together. In many cases, the child may not recognize the diagnosis of hyperactivity, but only knows that he or she is not functioning in a way that the adults and society deem proper. This kind of situation creates guilt and shame for the child and it is imperative that this kind of circumstances should be avoided.

We are all beings desiring balance, and the more that a child can been shown a model of how to achieve that balance, the more he will gravitate toward it. The new children are here to guide us as we guide them to a greater understanding of what achieves, maintains, and balances on the surface at this time. They are here to lead us to a more gentle management of our lives and that of others, and a more heart centered approach to all relationships, both personal and societal.

My first suggestion to you is to take your children to a healer, or as you call them on the surface a medical intuitive, who has had experience with children. Ask for a snapshot of your child’s current energetic state, for it is important to remember that the physical symptoms of hyperactivity are simply the body’s reaction to an energetic imbalance. There are many natural methods that can be used to balance out your child’s energetic bodies, and these include herbs, flower essences, exercise, meditation, yoga, and other forms of work such as chi gong and tai chi. They will benefit greatly from a mineral rich and balanced diet of good fruits, vegetable, grains and adequate amount of healthy of protein, because growing children in your environment still need sufficient quality protein. Their diet should be a balance of all factors, as should yours, including acid/alkaline mix, natural rather than processed sugar content, vegetable versus animal protein, and sufficient living foods versus dead processed foods.

There is also a lot that can be done energetically in terms of chakra balancing, as well as color and crystal therapies. Toning and drumming are very supportive to their systems. Music therapy is a very soothing form of balancing for hyperactive children, and others. Session work, in groups or individually, that involves both verbal, as well as energetic therapy, is also very supportive to their rebalancing. Creative therapies such as art and writing are also very beneficial.

The children who have incarnated on the surface now are working to rebalance their brain chemistries, their endocrine systems and their physical senses in order to access and run a higher vibration of energy. They have entered into incarnation with a different limbic system than you possess, as well as a clearer experience of what their life force should feel like. They will rebel against all attempts to force them into a way of being that does not feel intrinsically like or resonate with their true divine nature. And they will “short-circuit” at a greater rate than any generation before them if not given a suitable, nurturing, calming and supportive environment in which to live.

Their need for community, a true heart-supported community, is also very strong. The ties that they bring with them from communities such as Telos and others will vibrate strongly in their emotional bodies, and they must be nurtured properly. They will not choose however to create only groups of children of their own age, but rather community with people of all ages. They will gain much from any and all situations where they are invited to participate in group and community activities, in civic and school activities, that invite them to participate on a creative and responsible level beyond that which you currently accord your children. Letting older children work with younger children as mentors, and letting all of the children work with adults as guides and muses is very wonderful work. It will go a long way towards transforming the very core of your society.

In truth, all of the things that will help your hyperactive, as well as other children, are available all around you, without the assistance of pharmaceutical drugs. You only need to make positive changes in your environment, and the children’s as well. There is no need to narcotize their systems with drugs that only control, in a very synthetic manner, behaviors that your society deems inappropriate symptoms, and refuse to admit and address the underlying causes. The solution comes from the focus of your intent, and the use the tools and skills that you already have around you to assist your children. These children are here to give you the opportunity of mutual help and cooperation. In Telos, we are here to support you and them as well. We are here to show you a role model of how you can balance out your lives and theirs.

We, the teachers, the healers, and the children of Telos, reach out every day to the children of the surface. We send them our love and our blessings. We look forward to the time when the contact and the communications become more direct. We invite the precious children of the surface to come to visit us in Telos in their dream state, as we share with them our heartfelt desire to play together in a vibration of peace, compassion, of love and of light. Until we speak again, we wish them, and all of you, much joy and laughter.

Celestia, Angelina, and Luriel

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