December Message

December message from the Ascended Masters
Channeled by Jennie Philapponnat of Telos Finland


The Fire of Truth


Beloved Child of God,
Let me embrace you in my Everlasting Light. Let me evoke within you the most precious of desires to come, through the Gate of Love into the everlasting and glorious Being that You Are.

Come infront of my feet with only one desire, to burn in the fire of Truth, to purify all there is that you have been accustomed to as you. When this fire, the fire of Truth passes throughout your body and energyfield, it takes away all the dualistic way of thinking, all emotions and actions, all that is no longer desired within your heart. It purifies you and vanishes all that is of no importance to who You really are. And then, my Beloved Child, you are free, free to finally discover the reality that is yours to Be.

Enter into my Arms and let the Grace of Life touch every cell of your body. Be silent and hear the whispering song of your homecoming that runs within your very being and enlightens the inner body of yours. Let this transformation happen freely, without resistance, without control of any kind and trust in the process of Life unfolding infront of your very Eyes. Touch the infinite wisdom that is the base of all Truth, and Be one with This, for It is already here, in you, around you, everywhere and has always been.

Beloved, how can there be anything else than Love in You? How could there be wanted anything else than Love that is You? Trust this and enter fully into the preciousness of your Being.

Let Life unfold into the very source of You, into the True heart of Yours, the untouched, the unseen. Trust and let go.

This is your chance.
The moment is now.
I welcome you in.

 I Am Presence.