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Denise Laberge states:As many of us, all my life I was searching for answers to my questions. I followed the teachings of Omraam Mickael Aivanhov (Bulgarian master installed in France) for twenty years. More than 15 years ago, I started to receive messages from the Masters of  the Light.  At the beginning I was doing this only for myself, taking my messages during my meditations.In 2005, Aurelia Louise Jones came to Montreal to give a conference, she wrote the Telos books and the seven sacred flames. In Sept of that year, I went to Mount Shasta and participated to an initiatic journey. I had these marvellous visions about what was going on during the night at Telos so I started to share my visions with the 13 people of the group.  In December 31, 2005 Sananda asked me to organize channellings with the group of 13 on each full moon. I could not refuse such a request! Since then I channels the Masters for the Telos worldwide foundation of Montreal. In Sept 2010, I quit my job and dedicated my life to
Montreal, Canada (Laval)


The Ground Crew with Valerie Donner The Ground Crew is a global group of people who are united in the belief that we are co-creating the New Age of God. They are light workers who want to serve humanity now because they love and revere life and Mother Earth. They feel a oneness with all of life, including our space brothers and sisters. They are aware of many of the ancient prophecies, the strange weather patterns, increased seismic and volcanic activity, and other changes that all point to the fact that something big is about to happen on our planet. Web Address: The Ground Crew


Ray Dawn, Mount Shasta, CA. After extensive studies in psychology, self-awareness and world religions, intending to degree in Religious Studies at Western Kentucky University she started a journey of self discovery with many bends and forks along the path, leading to  a Bachelor of Fine Art’s degree, in Seattle, in 2003. In Sedona in 2009, Ray Dawn became a Master Practitioner in Integrative Energy Therapy. She states: ” Part of the challenge during this time of transformation is to ride the wave of the multidimensional acceleration, while learning to manage and direct our own awakening consciousness with clear intent- while remaining grounded and empowered here in form.


Dr. Anthony V. Wojnar, D.D., RMT, OBT, creator of the Life Holistic, Frequency and Sacred Flames Analysis system, has been a spiritual seeker and student of energy-based healing for over 40 years.  He is also a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner with humans and animals, a Tai Chi teacher, a Qigong teacher, and Shiatsu practitioner.  Within the last couple of years, he has also become a student and teacher of the Seven Sacred Flames spiritual path.  He is also involved in a heart-based ministry as a Minister and Chaplin. From his studies, Dr. Wojnar has learned that though there are many frequencies, three special frequencies seem to be the most critical to our progress on the path toward ascension, and it is these three, the Spiritual Frequency, the Soul Frequency and the Physical Frequency that we can influence by the things that we do. Learn more about this analysis, to know what your Original, Primary, and Secondary Rays are and how this can assist you on your spiritual path. /




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