Telos-The Lemurian Connection Summer Updates 2014

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Something to ponder…

Greetings to our Lemurian Friends and Family ~

While we are still absorbing all the astrological changes and phenomena that have recently taken place, our amazing 2014 is moving right along, not missing a beat. And where are we? Are we “in step, “in sync”? Are we also moving right along, not missing a beat? Are we “gliding over our glitches” or tripping over ourselves and stumbling along the way?

This year’s theme is Expanding your Heart ~ Your Love Frequency. As we approach this next phase of 2014 we are encouraged to truly FEEL this expansion, OUR LOVE FREQUENCY, in every aspect of our daily life–our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Elevating our “human-ness, to become a “Genuine Human Being” as described in The Knowledge Book, is not waiting for what’s “out there” to do it for us but to recognize and know that we have everything within us to create and become this “miracle waiting to happen.” We are already that which we are seeking! It causes us to take pause and re-evaluate how we are using our frequencies, our energies and perhaps ponder how we look at ASCENSION and those varying degrees of transformation within ourselves. We have all the support from the Ascended Masters in ALL realms, and it is still up to us to perfect our human~ness…Let’s TRUST and follow our HEART’S WISDOM, aligning with our Higher Self, THE I AM THAT I AM, and LET LOVE LEAD….

LET LOVE LEAD is a dimensional shift- a focus and intention- an expanded frequency not only to contemplate but put into ACTION. LET LOVE LEAD is a frequency that will change our world. This is all part of the message from Telos and our inner earth brothers and sisters as well as our Cosmic family of Light. LET LOVE LEAD is PEACE IN ACTION for ourselves and the world… definitely something to ponder…

Blessings to All~