Celebrating Aurelia and YOU!

Celebrating Aurelia and YOU!
Each and Everyone of YOU!


Click here:  This year marks the 10th year of Aurelia’s passing…

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Winter Solstice Newsletter 2018


 Photo by Jim Kurtz, Mount Shasta, CA



Welcome to Winter Solstice 2018. In a whirlwind of activity, our sun and moon danced their way through the seasons, months, and days this year. How fast the time has gone by! We’ve learned and grown; taken baby steps or giant leaps depending on our own personal and spiritual agenda. We’ve coped with every human emotion as our world turned. We are individually advancing on our own Ascension pathway. How have you done, and where are you at this point in your growth?

Winter Solstice is a time of reflection. It is a time to look back on your personal year and assess your progress, not to criticize yourself, but to see where you’ve expanded and where you want to improve. Remember that it is also a time of non-judgement; have you thanked yourself for all your accomplishments this year? High Priest Adama of Telos teaches us to be grateful for family, friends, self, and all those kingdoms that participate on our wonderful Mother Earth. We are all connected as One, working together to keep this planet running. Through the Telos books by Aurelia Louise Jones, our Telosian friends have taught that it is all about Love. Love and diligent continuity are the keys to our advancement. As we understand more about ourselves as humanity, our expanding compassion opens our hearts, adding more love to not only the Earth, but the whole universe. We connect as the great grid connects around the planet, raising the energy of Earth, and thus raising the consciousness of every living thing. The more we strive to succeed as conscientious beings, the more we help others.

What will be your goals in 2019? Will you continue your journey of Ascension to help the planet, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe? Indeed, it is a very noble mission. Do not worry about your failures, for they are only lessons.

Perhaps we need to practice more. Be positive, for you are perfect just the way you are. Embrace every bit of yourselves because there is no one exactly like you in this universe. Creator/Source, God, or whatever you call the Infinite Mind that created this universe, needed you, and that’s exactly why you are here! If you want a better world, be a better person in it! With your help, the new Golden Age will become a reality, and soon we will truly meet our friends and family from other galaxies and Inner Earth.


Written by Jennifer H. Lutz, Telos USA Boardmember


The answers that you seek reside within you.

The only spiritual practice to follow now is one that awakens you to this truth.

(Telos Book Series Card Deck)




Telos Weekly Conference Call:  Facilitators:  Marie Phillips and Sue Parry. New topics weekly.

The Teleconference Number is:  1-712-775-8972;  Code:  445613

Go to Telos-USA for further information. We support this helpful call to so many.


The Global Ascension Ceremony is now taking place the 3rd Thursday of each month. Go to Telos-USA for more information. You may also contact Marie Philips at mariep@comcast.net for instructions and more information. A lovely experience!


Study Groups and Ascension Ceremonies.

Check out our website for groups and ceremonies that may be in your area. If you are interested in forming a group or creating a ceremony please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


To purchase The Telos Books, The Seven Sacred Flames and companion booklets by Aurelia Louise Jones go to MSLPublishing.com


Wishing Everyone a Happy Holiday and an Abundant New Year!

The Telos-USA Team


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Ascension Ceremony agenda/guidelines


 Ascension Ceremony

  1. Sound gong 3 times to open the energy
  1. Invocation opening prayer
  2. Grounding, tuning and protection prayer.
  3. Opening invocation: Page 34 in Ascension book
  4. Ascension Seat: 

All will sit on Ascension seat while holding a crystal and state their prayer of intention at the same time. 

We will allow approximately 5 minutes.

  1. All will Aum 3 times.  Following that Marie will ring Tibetan bells 3 times.
  2. Invocation:

Pass out juice or water and have everyone hold their right hand up while invocation is given. 

invocation is on page 37 in Ascension book. You will informed when to drink your juice or water.

  1. Special Prayer
  2. Final prayer and thank you prayer

10   Ring Tibetan bells 3 times to close energy.

Many blessings,

Marie Phillips and Sue Parry

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Message from the Pegasians

Awaken Loves Focus Within, The Pegasians


Channeled by Ray Dawn of Mount Shasta
shared from her blog page raydawnblog.blogspot.com



Hello to you, we greet you in kind in the kindest of ways we meet you.. We greet you in the heart space and we ask you to relax there and listen to these words we speak to you of..

Love, awareness and awakening heart codes. This time dear ones each of you are awakening further your own codes of love within.. By this we mean your own awareness and relationship to love of all levels is deepening at this time!

It is so as each of you have been calling forth your own awareness of love within.. You are aligning to your own hearts wishes and the discovery of how you relate to love and your deepest feelings of what love truly is upon this earth and within each of your hearts..

To allow the furthering of your hearts unfolding is at hand! How can one come into deeper awareness and allowance of this love?

Dear ones each of you is coded with the ability to rise and open to the occasion of love’s remembrance… this true unfolding must take place within you.. This is the task at hand.. For each of you are in a way reorganizing your own abilities to allow love in and to open to give love forth into your world..

Many have felt unloved by others, family and the outer world.. Yes and so many are afraid to truly open the heart.. As it feels that if one did you might get hurt again as you have before here and in other lifetimes..

The challenge at this time is to increase your abilities to trust that it is safe to allow love’s entrance.. This must be an inner decision to trust again that you are this love.. The way thru this is to open your own heart to you! Yes, this is why there is so much talk of ‘self love’ at this time.. For as long as you hold that door to love closed, waiting for the other to open it.. It can seem like you are waiting forever!

Many have felt that love will not be there from others so what is the point?

This experience here upon planet earth is unique in how separated from love and your eternal nature it can feel, and how deep it feels one can be caught in the forgetting..

The way to overcome this is to allow your own frequency and relationship and harmony with all levels of your own being.. It is time to turn deeper within yourself and to ask yourself these questions: Do I honor my own self? My own feelings and nature? Do I feel it is not safe to love? Am I afraid of this love that I am?

As you build a better relationship with your own nature one can begin to see that you hold all the cards in your own unfolding to your relationship to love.. Can you make new choices? Yes, of course, but one must be willing to allow the feelings of surrender, opening, allowing and forgiveness..

Sometimes when you choose to be silent and connect to your self in your heart, one can feel grief or unsettled or lonely, this comes up as these feelings must be addressed, allowed and understood by you so as they can be released as misguided belief systems..

As each of you are allowing your own relationship to love you can begin to see how maybe you haven’t loved and honored your deep self.. How can one seek the occurrence of love externally and always seeking more and more and yet you are wishing the other would give you what you want like a child and yet you may not be able to give those things to yourself? You can give to yourself by allowing a better mental self image..

Dear ones comparisons and fear and unlove can cloud your own vision to who you are!

At this time it is vital to allow a new occurrence and foundation of stability to love within your own self.. This will lead to better external experiences..

As long as you feel a victim to love, then there is no room for new experiences and growth and opening to heart awakenings..

So to allow your own feelings, nature and knowledge is the best way thru..

Allow time to connect with your dreams, wishes, and feelings and honor yourself as a creator!

No thing can be done to you, if you are not in alignment with it.. Know that in your childhood or in other lifetimes you may have experienced much pain and suffering regarding relationships with love.. This, at this time is healing within each of you.. There is an ability to open forth to new horizons, new abilities and new experiences of the awakened heart!

As each of you do your part in ownership of your experiences, claim that you are indeed a powerful being who can align with your magnificence, gifts and abilities and open heart flow at any time- in any moment of your choosing! What is important is to make the choice within you to allow yourself to open forth to new ways of being.. All of you at this time are being asked to make room, to let go and to open to new ways of being and to a new relationship to love and partnership!

Honor you, allow your heart to open and be fearless in letting go of the old ways of seeing yourself and others in relationship!

Know that each of you is supported lovingly and unconditionally..

Each of you are powerful creators, make the commitment to see with new eyes and to open your heart in new ways.. Know that the relationship you have with yourself is the foundation you create to match with others.. If the return you are getting is not to your likening, be open to allow new information.. Understand that it may be a belief you are holding about lack of love within..

As you forgive yourself for not knowing the answers you can let go more in your heart! As you forgive and send love to yourself you match the love of all that is! Know that what you seek is seeking you dear ones, but make room!

Let go of the old and allow new ways of healing, and honoring and loving. Allow new ways of seeing and thinking and allowing.. Be free to let go and come home to your true self! In this process you will again come awake throughout the universe and can begin to see and know who you really are and how powerful each of you truly is..

To take the time to really become your own best friend and lover, yes! As you do the symbiosis is palatable.. You will feel refreshed and more connected and open to new discoveries of who you are and what is truly possible within the forms you are in!

Be open to this new occurrence of love and be free to explore it deeply within you!

We speak to you of the heart space and in this frequency you are home and can truly know who you are and create this deeper more freeing and uplifting relationship with you! And dear ones you can take that wherever you may travel!! Home is where your heart is open and that can be within your own being!!

Be easy as you let go and come home to love! Awaken here and express this eternal love with all that you are in your human form as well! Enjoy this new experience of love and put forth a new commitment to your own harmony and wellbeing! You are one with all and in that deeply loved and honored for your being and expression!

We thank each of you for your service to the one, to all that is. Allow more soft focus and harmony within, see you thru eyes of love and awaken the universal consciousness here within your beautiful heart and let it shine forth throughout this sphere and dear ones love is contagious when it is in it’s true and pure frequency!

We honor and love you, your friends the Pegasians..

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Autumn News Notes






Greetings from Mount Shasta!

Fall is such a beautiful time of year…one of the wonders of change right before our eyes, emersing our senses in the magic and mystical alchemy of earth’s evolution. The colors of the trees have been breathtaking after the rains, glistening in the glow of sunlight. We are blessed!

Imagine the colors within ourselves, glistening and glowing, in the next phases of our own evolution. Radiating more of our uniqueness on this magnificent journey we call Life.

Create our next season with visions of harmonious outcomes…bountiful and plentiful in all aspects.

Live from the inside out and honor our every step into the miraculous Unknown…

In Joy!


The changing of the seasons brings to mind one of the attributes of God, the Resurrection Flame, it’s golden and purple colors, and it’s “life-giving and life-enhancing energies.” …”now that you all have evolved yourself to a greater understanding, it is time for all of you to start using this for yourself…There are so many tools at your disposal you could use to ease your life, to accelerate your transformation and your evolutionary path. You simply need to be aware of them…”The Resurrection Flame is an energy you can easily use for your benefit by focusing on it, invoking it, and starting to play with it. Be creative!” Adama, Telos Vol. 3, Chapter16.



October Channeled Message from Adama
Channeled by Denise Laberge,
Telos-World Wide Foundation

Children of the Earth, of this dimension, of the eternal Light, I am your brother Adama. You know my name and my heart because in this universe, we all belong to the One Heart.

I invite you to go into this Heart of yours, to feel its beat, to feel the life that is running through you. This Heart inside you my friends, knows you intimately. It carries the signature of all your experiences, all your identities and all your dreams. So I, your brother standing before you, ask you this question: “Do you know why you have incarnated in this life? Do you really know it? Are you really living it?” A heart living its passion is joyful and it spreads enthusiasm and life all around. I will ask you another question: “Do you feel this joyful heart inside you, do you feel that you are spreading waves of love from this joy living inside you?” If your answer is yes to these questions then you are already living your passion, you are letting the inner voice and the song in your Heart guide you through life. You are realizing the purpose of your life. You are living it because you feel within you what you have to do, what brings you joy.
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2014 Spring & Summer Journeys
We had a wonderful Spring and Summer in Mount Shasta sharing the Mount Shasta Initiatic Journeys with many from around the world. It was heart-warming to meet more of our Lemurian Family and experience the Heart-One-Heart connections while in the energies of the mountain. It was a “Cosmic Appointment” and we all showed up!  Love and Gratitude to All that came and to All that support us from all directions.
We invite you to check The Lemurian Connection for more information about Initiatic Journeys in 2015. You can also email us or call
530-926-4599. Join us next Spring or Summer 2015! Connect with the Heart of Lemuria!

Study Groups and Ascension Ceremonies
To all of you that are creating study groups and ascension ceremonies remember study group leaders receive a 20% discount on The Telos Book Series, The Seven Sacred Flames and the Prayer Booklet and the Ascension Booklet, by Aurelia Louise Jones. Orders must be placed by phone or email to Mount Shasta Light Publishing, 530-926-4599 or victoria@mslpublishing.com. If you are interested in listing with Study Groups/Ascension Ceremonies on Telos-USA website contact info@telos-usa.com.


We support you in all that you are doing to create a space for the opening and reawakening of the Lemurian Heart, living in the fullness of Christ Consciousness NOW!…


***Keep in Mind…the Holidays are fast approaching. The new TELOS Meditations CD is a great gift. And don’t forget you receive a $10 savings when you purchase the The Telos Book Package or The Seven Sacred Flames Package (including Prayer Booklet and Ascension Booklet (also in Spanish).

Wishing you Awesome Autumn days,
The Lemurian Connection Team

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Telos-The Lemurian Connection Summer Updates 2014

Click Here: Telos-The Lemurian Connection Summer Updates 2014


Something to ponder…

Greetings to our Lemurian Friends and Family ~

While we are still absorbing all the astrological changes and phenomena that have recently taken place, our amazing 2014 is moving right along, not missing a beat. And where are we? Are we “in step, “in sync”? Are we also moving right along, not missing a beat? Are we “gliding over our glitches” or tripping over ourselves and stumbling along the way?

This year’s theme is Expanding your Heart ~ Your Love Frequency. As we approach this next phase of 2014 we are encouraged to truly FEEL this expansion, OUR LOVE FREQUENCY, in every aspect of our daily life–our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Elevating our “human-ness, to become a “Genuine Human Being” as described in The Knowledge Book, is not waiting for what’s “out there” to do it for us but to recognize and know that we have everything within us to create and become this “miracle waiting to happen.” We are already that which we are seeking! It causes us to take pause and re-evaluate how we are using our frequencies, our energies and perhaps ponder how we look at ASCENSION and those varying degrees of transformation within ourselves. We have all the support from the Ascended Masters in ALL realms, and it is still up to us to perfect our human~ness…Let’s TRUST and follow our HEART’S WISDOM, aligning with our Higher Self, THE I AM THAT I AM, and LET LOVE LEAD….

LET LOVE LEAD is a dimensional shift- a focus and intention- an expanded frequency not only to contemplate but put into ACTION. LET LOVE LEAD is a frequency that will change our world. This is all part of the message from Telos and our inner earth brothers and sisters as well as our Cosmic family of Light. LET LOVE LEAD is PEACE IN ACTION for ourselves and the world… definitely something to ponder…

Blessings to All~



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